Anden Wieseler

Anden Wieseler

Cyber Student | Web Developer | Marketing Pro

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About Me:


My name is Anden Wieseler! I'm a Cyber Operations student at Dakota State University, where I'm also a Social Media Specialist.

My side projects and club involvements are where you can find me in my free time.


DSU logo

Dakota State University

Cyber Operations (BS)

Computer Science minor

Class of 2025

Organizational Affiliations:

  • Two-time Hall Council President
  • Vice President and Public Relations Officer for CEO Club
  • Member of Computer Club
    (local ACM chapter)

Awards and Honors:

  • Student Employee of the Month
    (Oct. 2023)
  • Completing in 3.5 years
Hartington-Newcastle Public Schools logo

Hartington-Newcastle High School

High School Diploma

Class of 2022

GPA: 3.25

Organizational Affiliations:

  • Student Journalist

Awards and Honors:

  • Completed in three years

My Projects:

CampusConnect Graphic


Development Status:

CampusConnect is a web app that aims to make managing the hundreds of different platforms college students use easier to navigate by the use of a unified API. More information will be available when this product is released.

SiteForge Graphic


Development Status:
In Progress

SiteForge is an Electron app I'm building that allows users to build small web apps without the need for a hosted CMS or other complicated hosting schemes.

Users can select from premade layouts (or import their own), and insert their own information and data without touching a line of code.

SiteForge at ZedTek
Oracle Graphic


Development Status:

Oracle is a combo discord bot and web-based economy game (with online leaderboard). Users can hire workers, buy and sell items, and manage worker moods which create buffs and debuffs on the user's in-game performance. Oracle was developed alongside my friend Ace.

Oracle on GitHub
Triangle Project Graphic

The Triangle Project

Development Status:
Ongoing, intermittently

The Triangle Project is a group research project investigating the security of CORS/CSP on websites against code injection via JavaScript bookmarklets. The project is a collaborative effort between my friends Ace, Ernesti, and myself.

The Triangle Project's findings will be published as soon as research concludes.

Toggle Bot Framework Graphic

Toggle Bot Framework

Development Status:

Toggle is a Discord bot framework based on discord.js v12 that allows users to build custom bots for their servers that have as many or as few features as they want, with low or even no code.

Toggle CLI on GitHub

My Work Experience:

DSU logo

Dakota State University

Social Media Specialist, Digital Assistant


As a Social Media Specialist, I create content for the various social media accounts for the university, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Linkedin. I also work as the Digital Assistant seasonally to create and manage content for the university's website.

During my time here, I was awarded Student Employee of the Month in October 2023.

DSU Website
The Globe Chophouse logo

The Globe Chophouse

Line Cook, Dishwasher, Food Photographer, Graphic Designer


My role at The Globe was very dynamic. The Globe was a startup small restaurant in my small hometown, and my vast skill set was utilized across multiple facets of the business, including food prep, social advertising, web development, and more. The Globe closed in October 2022.

Image combining the logos of the Cedar County News and Hartington-Newcastle High School

Cedar County News

Student Newswriter


As a Journalism student in high school, I had the unique opportunity to write for my local newspaper as a part of my class. My articles were frequently published, and numerous times have my articles been featured on the front page. The Cedar County News is regularly read by hundreds of local readers, both in print and online.

Cedar County News Website

Languages I Speak:


Native language


Elementary proficiency

Languages I Type:


Advanced proficiency







Bash/Zsh (CLI)




x86/x86_64 Assembly

Moderate proficiency

Bash (scripting)

Moderate proficiency


Beginner proficiency